Client List

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Client List

The Client List contains a searchable breakdown of all Personal and Commercial Clients that have been created within the IOI.


Client Search - Search by name for any client that has been created on the platform. These clients will be separated by Personal or Commercial type. This search also includes leads that have come through a portal.

Client Creation - Create a new client by selecting the ‘create new client’ button. There are three different ways to enter client information:


1) Manually enter details


2) Look up by phone number (this functionality currently only works using phone numbers that are connected to the client via their Google listing.)

    • Enter a phone number in the phone number box, and select the ‘search’ button to find the

3) Upload form and extract information - upload an ACORD form and we will populate the relevant fields in the system for you.



Client List Column Filtering

The columns in the client list can be filtered by clicking on the hamburger button to the right of each column name. You will then be brought to a menu with various filtering options.





Exporting to Excel


Columns can also be exported to Excel by selecting ‘to Excel’ on the far right of the client list.



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