Working With Product Builder

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Product Builder is the application used for product design in the IOI.

  • Click on “Products”
  • Click on ‘Create New Product”


  • Add a Product Name in the ‘Give your product a name’ box
  • Choose whether the product will be a ‘Personal’ or ‘Commercial’ product using the toggle.
  • Options for product types are ‘New Bureau Product,’ ‘New Custom Product,’ or ‘Upload Product.’ You can also import an ERC template.
    • If a ‘New Bureau Product’ is selected, the user will be prompted to choose a base product from a variety of coverage types.
      1. After selecting the base product and ‘next,’ the user is able to add any additional forms and coverages to their product.
    • If a ‘New Custom Product’ is selected, the user will be prompted to select if they are creating a new Custom Line, a new Package, or a new Question Set.
  • For Bureau and Custom products, select if the product will be standalone, or used as part of another product.

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