How to Add Questions

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To begin creating questions, after a product is created, click on the Product Builder tab. The following appears:


The first section in the screenshot above is 'Questions Set 1.'  You can highlight the section name and rename to anything you choose. A “section” is displayed as a separate page on a portal. Tip: Limit the number of questions in each section to one topic to reduce scrolling. 

To begin creating questions, click on the right-angle caret to the left of the section, this will point the caret down and expand the question area.


From here, you can edit section and sub-section titles, as well as add sections, sub-sections, questions, loops, or embedded question sets.

Creating Questions


A unique QID is automatically generated. This QID can be modified and used across multiple products.

Add the question text into the 'Question Text' field. 

You can also mark a question as required or set a default answer by switching the toggles on or off. Conditional logic can be added to any question.

The platform supports various answer types - the default format is always 'text,' but can be changed.


Answer Types


  • Text: This term permits free typing of letters and numbers. Useful for responses that may include both letters and numbers, such as a driver’s license.  
  • Textarea: This creates a text box. While similar to Text, it is provided for visual ease when typing large amounts of text.
  • Yes/No Boolean: This allows for only a yes or no response. 
  • Email: This formats the response to an email format: The characters before the @ sign can be punctuated without the answer being rejected.
  • Select from List: Used when only one answer is permitted.
  • Checkboxes: Used when there are multiple answers permitted.
  • Number: Only numbers can be entered, separated by commas.
  • Year: Only 4-digit year permitted.
  • Percent: Numbers and a period can be entered. Only two numbers after the period may be entered. 
  • Square Feet: Numbers and a period can be entered. Only two numbers after the period may be entered. 
  • Currency ($): Numbers and a period can be entered. Only two numbers after the period may be entered. 
  • Phone: Only 10 Numbers can be entered. The number is formatted xxx-xxx-xxxx.
  • State: US State and Washington D.C., can be selected in a dropdown. Only only one can be selected.
  • Zipcode: Only 5 numbers may be entered.
  • FEIN: Enter 9 digits only. Formats as Federal Tax ID only.
  • Date picker: Provides a calendar for selecting a date. If in years past or future, enter data in 00/00/0000 format using forward slashes.
  • Industry: Select industry from graphical interface.

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