Setting up a Quoting Action

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Setting up a Quoting Action

In the Product Builder, use the following steps to set up your Quoting Action:

1. Select the 'Events and Actions' tab

2. Select 'Create New Event Group'

3. Add a name for the Event Group (ex: Generate Quote from Rating Sheet)

4. Select "Add New Event"

5. Choose the "Quoting/Rating" event type, then "Quote Requested"

6. On the right hand side of the screen, select "Add New Action"

7. From 'Select an Action,' choose 'Quoting,' then 'Excel Rating Plan.'

8. From here, you can upload your prepared Excel spreadsheet. Click on 'Map Questions to Rating Spreadsheet' to map your inputs/outputs.




Output Types Currently Supported: Quote Premiums, Deductibles, Limits

Note - this is also where you can choose whether or not a client can purchase and issue a policy using your rating sheet. To allow this, slide the toggle under 'Purchasing and Policy Issuance.' To issue a policy, you will need to have a Policy Issuance form mapped in the IOI system.

Tip: Make sure to enable your rating action as well as save your event group in order to have your changes take effect.

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