Generating a Bordereau Report

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Creating a Bordereau

1. Select the Product that you would like to generate a Bordereau Report for.

2. Click on the 'Configuration' tab, then 'Automation' under the Policy Management section.

3. Click on 'Add Task'

4. Give the report a name and description (if needed) in the 'Task Name' box

5. Select the Automation Schedule. This lets the system know how often you want a report to be generated.

6. Under Source Data/Starting Point, select either 'Policy Events' to choose which events to evaluate to generate a report, or 'Full Policy' to pull all policy information fields.

7. Using the data filter, add conditions to determine how the information is evaluated and reported on.

8. Turn the toggle on to generate a report, and upload an excel file that contains a report template. Now you can map your data to the report generation worksheet.

9. Select the 'preview' button to view your report





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