User Roles & Access to Products, Portals, Dev Tools and Other Functionality

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User Roles and user types are used in the Dais platform to give tailored access to specific users. Without having the applicable necessary role granted, a user will not have the ability to navigate to the applicable parts of the platform. By default, new users added to the platform will only have access to Customers and Submissions.


User type

There are three different types of users in the Dais platform: Owner, Admin, and Operator. The primary difference between owners and admins, on the one hand, and operators on the other hand, is that admin and owners can create new users and change the permissions of existing users, while operators cannot. 


Editing user roles 

To edit user roles, an admin or owner can navigate to user management by selecting the gear icon in the top right corner of the application. 


Within user management, the user can edit an existing user’s roles by selecting that user and turning on or off the desired roles. The user can also create new users by selecting Create New User in the top right portion of the screen. 

  • Product Admin: gives access to products 
  • Portal Admin: gives access to portals
  • Accounting & Finance Admin: gives access to accounting
  • Developer / IT: gives access to API tools


Note: Users with the Organization Owner and Organization Admin roles will be able to add these roles to other users' profiles. If you are not an Organization Owner or Organization Admin, please contact the Owner/Admin at your organization or email



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