Verisk Product Setup

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Launching the Product Builder


From the welcome screen, click "Products"


Click "+Create new product"


Select and Customize the Verisk Product


In the "Create New Insurance Product" screen

1. Enter a name for the product
2. Click new bureau product

3. Enter a search term to narrow product choices

4. Select the needed product

5. Click "next"


In the "Customization" screen:

1. Enter a seach term to narrow down the coverage choices

2. Select the desired coverages
3. Click "next"


The product will be built in less than a minute.


Click "configure product"


The product general set-up page appears.productsetup.png


Enter Verisk Credentials


If you have Verisk credentials, click on the configuration tab.  

Under Security click the third party authorization.

Click +Add Auth
Select Verisk RaaS
Enter Credentials
Click Save configuration

If you don’t have credentials, contact customer success for assistance.


Setting Up the Verisk Quoting/ Rating Event


Select the "Events & Actions" Tab and then click "+Create new event group."


Name the Verisk rating event and click "create."



Click the name of the rating event to create (or edit)


Click + Add new event

Click Quoting/ Rating

Click Quote Requested


The newly created quoting/ rating event will appear on the left.

Click + Add new action 


Select the "Quoting" action then "Verisk Rating."


Click the slider in the upper right to enable the rating action.

Click "save event group" to save the rating action.


Congratulations! Your Verisk product is now ready to modify settings or further customize.  At this point, the API will return the ISO pure premium (LCM =1). The next step is to add LCMs using the LCM template.

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