Endorsement setup

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A user with the Product Admin role can create endorsements for a product. With an endorsement created for a product in the Dais Platform, a user can endorse an existing policyholders policy.  


Locate Product

To create an endorsement for your product, select Products from the top navigation, then use the provided search field to locate the product. Select the product name in order to open that product. 


Create a Resource

Almost all endorsements will need a resource associated with them, a resource is HTML Template or a Form.

To create a Form or HTML Template, select the Configuration tab located under the product name. By default you will be in the Resources tab under Configuration, here you will see all the resources associated with the product.

To create a new resource, click either Add Form or Add HTML in the top right corner. A dropdown will appear where you can specify the type of resource you would like to add, select Endorsement to create a new endorsement resource. 

When you are done, click Save configuration in the bottom right corner to save your changes. 


Create an Endorsement 

Once you’ve created the resources you need for an endorsement, select the Policy Management tab under Configuration

To create a new endorsement, click Add Endorsement in the top right corner, and fill in the fields provided. 

Reason title will display when a user is adding an endorsement to an existing policyholders policy.

With the Endorsement eligibility rules, you can set criteria for when this particular endorsement is allowed for a policy. 

Exposure intake is where you can select the endorsement resource you created earlier.

Behavior Settings allows you to enable or disable retroactive endorsements. 


Save Configuration

When you are done, click Save configuration in the bottom right corner to save your changes. 

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