Activating and Using Prefill

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A user with the Product Admin role can enable prefill for a product. Each prefill source has a potential cost, required questions, and potential answers associated with it. When the required questions are answered for an enabled prefill service, the potential answers will be auto-populated into the system if the source has the information.


Locate Product

To enable prefill for your product, select Products from the top navigation then use the provided search field to locate the product. Select the product name in order to open that product. 


Turn Prefill Sources On

Select the Prefill tab located under the product name. From here you can see the available prefill sources. Select the source you would like to enable, and you will be able to see the potential cost, required questions, and potential answers. 

To turn the prefill source on, simply click the toggle button in the top right corner. The text next to the toggle will change from Disabled to Enabled

When you have enabled all the prefill sources you wanted to, click Save product in the bottom right corner to save your changes. 

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