Give 3rd-Parties Product Access

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A user with the Product Admin role can grant other organizations access to use any existing Product in the Dais platform that is owned by the users organization. When a user grants access, the organization receiving access can: 

  • View the line details
  • Use the product in one or more Portals accessible to policyholders
  • Use the product in Copilot accessible to agents


Locate Product

To grant a third-party access to your product, select Products from the top navigation then use the provided search field to locate the product. Select the product name in order to open that product. 


Grant Visibility

Select Market Visibility on the left. By default your product will be visible to only people in your organization. To change this, select the dropdown under This line is visible to: and select the option Selected organizations

With Selected organizations active, you will see a list of all organizations that have appointments with your organization in the Dais platform. Click the checkbox next to the organization name to grant that organization access. If you would like to grant access to all of the listed organizations, simply click Select All

When you have selected all organizations to which you would like to grant access, click Save product in the bottom right corner to save your changes.

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