Canceling a Policy

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Locate Customer 

To cancel a policy in Dais you will first need to locate the customer you’re looking to cancel. To do this, use the customer tab in the top navigation bar and search for the customer using the search bar. 


Locate Policy 

Once you have selected the correct customer, simply select Policies under the customer name. In Policies, you’ll see a list of all the policies associated with this customer, and from the list you can select the policy you would like to cancel by clicking on the policy number. 


Cancel Policy 

On the policy overview page, you can view the policy details and timeline for the policy. To cancel the policy select the Cancellation button on the far right of the screen, and then choose the appropriate cancellation reason from the available list. Answer any additional questions presented, select an effective date, and you will then be presented with a cancellation summary. If everything looks correct, click Submit Cancellation to complete the process. 

Once the cancellation is submitted you will see a new even in the Timeline.

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