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In Dais, quotes can be generated for either an existing customer or for a new customer. The simplest way to find an existing customer is to use the search function on the Dais dashboard. You can also find your customer on the Customer List.

After creating a new customer or finding your current customer, you will be on the customer page.  Directly below the customer name, select the Quoting tab to get started.


Quote intake 

On the quoting tab, recent activity will be displayed on the left, including quotes in progress.  You can jump back to a previously started quote by selecting one from this list. Alternatively, you can search or select the line you would like to quote using the search bar provided on the right.

Once you’ve selected a product to quote, you will be able to start answering the questions needed to generate a quote. You can easily navigate around the questions using the table of contents on the left. 


Sending questions to a customer 

At any point, you can send to your customer a link to the intake questions. To send the link, simply click the Send button located above the questions. If you have multiple Portals designed, you can choose which portal you would like displayed to the link recipient by using the dropdown located in the center of the modal. Once you have selected the portal you would like to use, copy the link provided, and use your preferred contact method to send the link to your client. Email or Text is recommended. 

If you’ve added information to the form, that information will be present in the intake that the customer sees. The link will send the customer to a Portal designed to make it simpler for them to answer the questions listed. 


Generating a quote

To generate a quote, simply select Quotes in the top left of the intake questions. Here you will see all the quotes that have been previously generated. To generate a new quote simply click Request new quotes, and the system will generate quotes based on the intake provided to that point in the flow.

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