Product Configuration Overview

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After the initial creation of a new Product, the Product Configuration section is where changes can be made - these changes include Settings and Market Visibility, Product Builder (question creation), Events & Actions, Prefill Services, and Configuration. 





In the settings menu, you are able to change the name of your product, the type (Personal vs Commercial), and whether the product is standalone or part of another product. You are also able to see when a product was created, when it was last updated, and what the Product ID is (this can be used in other product functions such as HTML Template Building) 


Market Visibility

When creating a product, the owner of the product is able to set who else has access to it. Products can be limited to members of your organization only, or can be shared with specific organizations or appointed agencies. You can also choose to allow any organization to view and access your product. Only members of the owning organization are able to modify the product. 



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