Portal 101

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What is a Portal?

  • A portal is a customer-facing site that can be used to sell insurance products. 


Portal Setup

After clicking on ‘Create New Portal’ and assigning a location and URL, the portal builder will be populated. This is where various aspects of the portals can be customized or modified, including:

  • Portal Appearance
  • Modifying the custom URL
  • Programs and Lines (products) that are viewable in the portal
  • Assignment of carrier codes to support instant quoting (available to agency-type users)
  • Configuration
  • Footer Content 


Portal Search

All portals that have been created within your organization can be accessed via the ‘Portals’ tab in the top navigation bar. Clicking on this tab will populate a list of portals. You can search for a specific portal using the search bar, or create a new portal by clicking ‘Create New Portal.’


For agency-type users only - each portal that is created will be assigned to a specific location. This location controls which internal users will have access to leads that are created via the portal. If a user’s profile has access to a location, they will see that location’s assigned leads.

Note: Admin users have access to all locations.

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