Line Forwarding

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Line Forwarding Overview

Line forwarding is often used to get a quick quote.  If the price and terms are acceptable the customer continues with the process.  In this example, the second line is used to order reports.

Product Configuration for Line Forwarding

Set up two or more lines.  If the purpose is a quick quote the first line will have a minimum number of questions to get a reasonable quote.  The second line will have all the questions in the first line plus additional questions for report ordering, price refinement, and coverage selections.


How to Configure Line Forwarding


In the product, click "Events & Actions" then click the appropriate event.



Under "On-Quote Line Forwarding ," click the "Do not forward" slider


The slider changes to green and displays "Forward to another product."



Enter the UUID of the target line & two messages displayed to the applicant.

Note: The UUID (AKA the Product ID) is found on the General Tab

Settings --> Product ID



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