How to Map Questions to Forms

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How to map questions to forms

To access the forms mapper, first select the line you are creating the form for, or click on 'configuration' in the Product Builder menu. Then, from the resources menu, select '+Add Form'


Select the type of form you want to map. Dais supports Intake, Quote, Policy, Endorsement and Cancellation forms.


In the above example, 'Intake form' has been selected. Click on 'add & map form' to be taken to the form mapper. Here, you will be prompted to upload a PDF which you will then be able to map your questions to.


1. Once the PDF document has been uploaded, simply draw a box on the PDF and click the corresponding question (small red box) you want to link

2. After clicking on the “Link answer box to selected question” - your PDF box and text question from your line will turn green. Save mappings using the 'Save' button.

Repeat the process for all questions that you want to map to your form.

 New: You also have the ability to change the Font SIze once a question is mapped


How to map dynamic fields to forms

Dynamic FIelds/Plugins

If you want to display dynamic data from your Rating Spreadsheet on a generated PDF, simply type the name as it appears in the spreadsheet under the Plugins tab.



The following elements can be mapped to a PDF:

Client ID - is an internal client unique identifier. Sample - 1199a84a-a1c2-4b03-9e2a-88b836209208

Premium - Generated amount from the Rating Spreadsheet

Product ID - is an internal product unique identifier

Product Name - Name that is used when creating a Line

Quote Timestamp - Exact time the quote was generated

Note: In some cases, you may need 2 or more proposals (EX: if the number of employees is less than 100, you want one version, but a different one if the number of employees is greater than 100. If you need more than one proposal you will need to create one more question set 



The most important question that you need in your Product Builder Intake is the email address. Once the customer goes to fill in the questionnaire on SF or Co-pilot he will have to fill in this field to receive an email with the Proposal. This email address field can be used in the Actions and Events to send documents to the client.



How to create attachment rules for Proposal forms

In this case you will have to create some Pre-Line rules. Click on Edit Rules


Click on Create Rule


Under the first field “Exact value” select Line name

Under second one, select the question Text on which the condition should be set (in our case number of employees)

In the third box (for our case we will pick Math from a dropdown and Less than or equal to

Keep the exact value on the next one

And number 100 in last field

For more information about Rules look at the Pre-Line Rules section


HTML Template


If you like to send any text via email or if you want to forward the link to your customer to fill out the next line and purchase the quote, we need to create a HTML template.

Go under the configuration and Click on HTML Template 

Click on the Blue Button (+Add Templete) and pick Quote

You are now in the HTML Template under the Quote

Click the +Source, pick the Quote Data and Client ID 

Save the configuration.

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